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Friday, April 9, 2010
Break Your Heart - Ludacris

5th April 2010 - Monday

went Gurney whole day w/ my boy,
gosh! i don't really realize the time past so fast just alike flies,bee, bird~ allah! whatever. xDD
after tired of shopping went Hong kong Kim Gary Restaurant.
all my every single life is started w/ foood~ *giggle

i don't have to talk more,
picture will be my mouth *winks
due of lazy editing, the picture is all original colour from phone.

so the story goes..

the inner design of Kim Gary.

i lovee the soup so damn muuch! *slurpe slurpe

as you seen in the picture, it's creamy.. so the name = creamy corn soup.

this is my boy one. pork cheezy rice.
he rate 4 stars.

the rice is so damn big. full of sea-food. i likeey~! *nom nom nom
double-cheezy seafood rice.

and so, the story ended like that.
stay tuned!


Blogged @ 1:46 PM

Silly Boy ; Rihanna ft. Lady Gaga

4th April 2010 - Sunday

have a great dinner @ James Foo Western Food @ Tanjung Tokong w/ my boy and soo2.
he always be the bulb of us.
but he don't even realize he's always too light for us. xDD

all of us had called the same western food
ta daa!! Salmon Steak! *nom nom nom yummy~

tam jia gui soo2 lim.

tam jia gui num.2 = miao kia

the owner of this blog. thanks for supporting angie ;)

Blogged @ 12:53 PM

river flows in you ; piano

29 March 2010 - Monday

went Haagen-Dazs @ Autocity.
w/ beng ng and his 2 cute twins sister.
wondering why will bring his 2 sister?
due to his 2 sister get good result in their examination,*kong hee kong hee
Haagen-dazs as a reward for them.
me? being a baby-siter. *giggle

love the environment and design in it, simple yet clean.

my foood ......
*nom nom nom

beng ng and small twin sister. *see! small sister at last also kena my capture! xDD

small sister so shy laa.. *come come don't shy laa *chik chak chik chak

i likeey her, she's big sister.. so kiewwt *hugs

this time , X ade my boy. use my-self to end this post. =D

Blogged @ 12:09 PM

solo ; Iyaz

21 March 2010 - saturday midnight

zhun zhun middle of the night! 3 o'clock!!
my boy pull me out, B.E.D @ Autocity.
niahh beehhh!
pulling my damn tired bloody body to follow him.
not follow it's being force. =X
don't tell him *shhh xDDD

let's make the story shorter.
people who involve inside.

ryoji theng.

my pet = turkey. xDD

soo2 lim

our B.E.D leng zai bartender , ah ping

the blogger! *wee wong wong

ps. no picture for my boy. *qin jao yat ha laa
*chuckle mext post will upload the lubang for his pic xDD

leave B.E.D almost 4 and went to pek kong cheng to eat.
we are hungry ghost in the night. *giggle
went home almost 5.30 a.m
gosh!! A.M tau! =.=
reach home,
counted not over 1 2 3 and sleep.

Blogged @ 11:30 AM

Start counted from april 20-2009



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