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Friday, August 28, 2009

August 27 , 2009
- bbq at my house -

meet a new friend. glad to meet him. 
this is the 1st time we meet!
crazy all of us!
he is so tired and have a nap at my house.
i pull him up to snap~
muahahaha* evil smile*
see we so rajin.
eh~this is not act de leh!
allah~ he like to pinch me de.
sudah biasa laa~

update 3 article in a day.
tired saja.

you all saw that i'm fat jor?
i fat until my school skirt cant wear d.XD
but i love my body now.
wakaka..evil smile*

thanks for all my besties that support me in my sadnest life!
you light on my life guys!

they are helping me to forget the past.
so we have open this bbq.
i hope i can do it!
wont let them disapointed.

thanks turkey to fetch me here and there.
you rock man!

this is just part picture of it.
hope you guys enjoy it!

from love: 
ah gie.

Blogged @ 3:31 PM

August 21 , 2009
- my big wife yi-yi b'day -

the 3rd one is my big wife yi-yi lor.
look what we haved eat..XD
my ji mui gang. wink*
me and ah xu.
mickey-zai and melon-zai.
 its me! miss.gie
me and chicken.
me and jun qi.huii.tong.me

the explosive pics! evil smile*

sorry ya my yi-yi.
i din send tiok our pic ah!
dont blame me.
wakaka* geli saja~

we haved a great celebration at yi-yi b'day.
about 30+ ppl celebrate for her.
she happy d lorh~

yi-yi next year going to s'pore d.
hope i'm going with her too..

i plan to be a air stewardess at s'pore.
( don't laugh! pointing at you* )

i want travel over the world!
support me guys!

Blogged @ 3:11 PM

the lately pictures!

- play at play ground of kids -

i forget when i going.
but i think its last week de..
going out with new friends..

playing at the kids play ground!

we are too heavy! XD
its so hard to move!
care so much for what?

it's fun time!

just enjoy babes!


Blogged @ 2:58 PM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

July 3 , 2009
- a kaunseling meeting -

July 13 , 2009
- having a great dinner with my huii~ -



July 17 ,2009
- a dinner at black canyon -
this is call..hmm,what coffee d.forget jor.teehee*
i love black canyon.
the food is so delicious!
yum yum!

- wear mask while going out ! -


H1N1 is more dangerous and causing of death.
stay far from the sick.
go 'visit' doctor if you're sick!

- my school day -

someday in school..
taking pic for no-reason.
we hate acting.
the real us.
we is we!

July 23 , 2009
- 1st driving -

i know its ugly.XD
let me say about my feeling about my 1st driving of car.
hmmm..how to say ler..
it's so fun ler.
but finally i know how to drive d!
thx to.......for teaching me how to drive.
and take the adventure that i will bang ur car.

July 29, 2009
- tong b'thday -

our tong tong old 1 year d. wink*
make a wish make a wish~
the cake have been destroy by us. muahahahaha* evil smile*
our princess 'tong' b'day..
hope she have happy b'day in this year..

August 1 ,2009
- a trip to penang -

god damn. my leg is fat cause i'm fat jor.XD
delicious food of mine. 
Having a trip to penang..
hahas, it's a great day for me.
don't tell you.
going so many place today.
to penang road,
indian road,
many many...
back home at mdnight almost 4 a.m.
going to autocity at night..
It's my life!

August 10, 2009
-  G.i joe and my dating -


Having a date with...........
Going to watch g.i joe.
G.i Joe a quiet nice movie.

don't miss it!

- a day at the world largest toy museum -

gozila with three cute girl.wakakakakaka( dont vomit leh)
me with.......i dunno whether he/she is a boy or girl.
but he/she is real.
hmm..i forget this girls name. but she is so cute man.
an actors in monster.inc
Jack Sparrow~

evry kids love MR.BEAN!
awww~stitch is so cute..
cute doremon.
guess who is it? YES! He is whole world idol!
Michael Jackson!
lao tat wa and jackie chan~
We Love Kungfu Panda.
That's was ours memories before.
garfield! they so cute man.
we are in the gold pyramid.wakaka.

hmm..spidergirl and....(who's that?)
the BOYS w.c. XD 
(dont take a sneak on us.shoo shoo! go away~)
pokemon.my dream before.XD
look! it's gingerman!
who loves spiderman?
due to too many pics that i need to dl for readers.
so i make it simply,
i just put some pics to show you all..
it's a good experience in this days.
just enjoy!
who know what happen 2mlw?
who cares!

have new hair cut now.
will upload new pics soon!


Blogged @ 4:05 PM

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